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The Family of Captain Edward Coxen

At this stage we do not know quite how Captain Edward Coxen is related to
the rest of his family, but it is known that the current family are either
direct descendants or at least the descendants of one of Edward Coxen's
brothers. Edward is known to have had at least three brothers two where
lost during navel action in the Napoleonic Wars and a third, Lieutenant
Stephen Coxen was wounded at Waterloo. 

For more information on Edward himself please refer to the "Military 
Coxen's Page." 

Edward David Colyer Coxen, born on the 27th December 1869 was one of five
children born to Redimond and Lucy Coxen (who's maiden name is believed
to be Webster). 
His one brother and three sisters were named Redimond, Isabella, Mary, and
It is believed that Redimond Coxen (snr.) was therefore either the son or
nephew of Captain Edward Coxen.
Edward David Colyer Coxen enlisted in the 2nd Battalion Royal Irish
Regiment of Foot on the 14th April 1887, Subalhu, Bengal. Army #2815
He left the army in 1894 and joined the Bombay Police in the July of 1894.
At his death in 1918, he was the Superintendent of police.
Edward married and had four children; Violet (who married someone by the
name of Foster), Mary, Dagmar (who married Harry Mather), and in 1905 
Edward Lionel Hugh Coxen was born.
Edward Lionel Hugh Coxen served an apprenticeship at G.I.P. Railway
workshops at Parel 1923 to 1927. He joined the Merchant Navy as a marine
engineer from 1927 to 1935 out of Bombay, India. Married Betsy Emslie
Paterson in London 1935 and later emigrated to Australia with his wife
and two children where his descendants can still be found in 1998, 
including Lionel Coxen who's e-mail address can be found below.

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