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The Coxen Family

The early records for the Coxen family spell the name Coxson, these
come from the Parish Registers of St. Mary's Church, in Ealing,
They relate to the baptisms of the children of Samuel and Sarah Coxson
between 1748 and 1760. The family were known to live in nearby
Brentford. Although in the main the baptism records spell the name 
Coxson one of the daughters Elizabeth was still listed as Coxen in 1757.
The children were as follows:

Samuel Coxson born in 1748
Sarah Coxson born in 1750
Jane Green Coxson in 1752
Ann Coxson born in 1754
Mary Coxson born in 1756
Elizabeth Coxen born in 1757
Richard Coxson born in 1759 (baptised 1760)

By the time both the sons Samuel and Richard married in the 1780's the
family were consistently spelling their name Coxen.

Little is known of Samuel's family, he married Mary Gray (a widow) in
1780 and they had at least four children; Sally Coxen born in 1781,
Samuel Coxen born in 1783, Mary Coxen born in 1784, and another son in
1787 who we believe was called Jol or maybe John Coxen.
Samuel Coxen jnr. lived until 1841 when he died in Richmond, Surrey. 
He was a tile maker by trade.

Richard Coxen married Elizabeth Andrews in 1781 and they had the
following children: William Magson Coxen in 1782, John Magson Coxen in
1784, Jane Coxen in 1785, Richard Coxen in 1787 and two more younger
daughters Ann Coxen and Elizabeth Coxen.
The three sons all became fisherman and the whole of Richard's family
moved to Twickenham in Middlesex in 1813. Later William Magson Coxen
became a fishmonger.

1. William Magson Coxen's Family
William married Mary Rogers in 1806 at St. Mary's Ealing. They had
thirteen children together between 1808 and 1929. The last was born
after William's death in 1828.
The children:
Richard Coxen born 1808
William Coxen 1809 to 1875
Joseph Coxen 1812 to 1872
Mary Coxen born c.1813 (later married someone by the name of Way)
Eleanor Coxen born 1815 (later married someone by the name of Barnes)
Ann Coxen born 1814 (died 11 months old)    
Elizabeth Coxen 1816 to 1890
Emma Coxen 1819 to 1823
John Coxen 1820 to 1833
Harriet Coxen born 1822 (died 11 months old)
Catherine Coxen born 1824 (later married someone by the name Mathewson)
Frederick Coxen 1827 to 1885
Ann Coxen 1829 to 1897

The three surviving sons William, Joseph and Frederick all became
publicans. Several of the family moved to North London to the
Islington area. 
Joseph Coxen married Elizabeth Rosa Nickels at Twickenham's St. Mary's 
Church in 1836. This couple had eleven children:
William Coxen 1836 to 1868 - another publican
Frederick Coxen born in 1842 who is known to have moved to the Bristol area,
George Nickels Coxen 1844 to 1928 - another publican whose own son
  William George Coxen become the The Lord Mayor of London in 1939-40.
Richard Coxen born in 1846
John Coxen born in 1848 (later settled in Los Angeles)
Joseph Coxen born in 1853 (later settled in Berkeley, San Francisco)
Charles Walter Coxen born in 1855
James Edward Coxen born in 1859
Catherine Coxen born 1852 (married George Fraser Porter and settled in
                                            Newark, New York)
Edith Rosa Coxen born 1850 (married William Porter)
Ellen Coxen (married John Harris)

William Magson Coxen's youngest son Frederick Coxen married Louisa
Elizabeth Bliss (we're told a relation of Sir Arthur Bliss) in Lambeth
in 1856. They ran until 1862 the Black Lion Public House on the
Brigton Road in Kingston, Surrey. They then moved to the Victoria Inn
on the Holloway Road in Islington.
They had ten children:
Mary Coxen 1857 to 1903
Frederick Coxen 1858 to 1859
William Coxen 1859 to 1925
Frederick Coxen 1860 to 1863
Ellen Coxen 1862 to 1928
Ada Coxen born 1863 (died aged six weeks)
Frank Coxen 1864 to 1913
Elizabeth Coxen 1866 to 1898 (died in Changombe, Mombasa, East Africa)
Rose Coxen 1868 to 1941
Clara Coxen 1872 to ?

Of the children Frank ran a public house in Highbury and had four
daughters later retiring to St. Neots, Cambridgeshire.
The other surviving son William married Emma Sarah Waylett in 1880 and
had four children: Frederick Thomas Coxen in 1881, Bessie Coxen in
1882, Charles Waylett Coxen in 1884 and Ruby Coxen in 1887, Ruby died
before her second birthday. Charles's son Harold Brian Coxen became a 
Brigadier with the Parachute Regiment. Frederick Thomas Coxen settled
in South Africa where his descendants can still be found.
William ran a public house on the Essex Road, Islington called the
Green Man which had previously been run by his Uncle, also William
Coxen. William's wife Emma died young in 1900, he then married
Catherine Jane Harvie and they had a further two sons Cyril Coxen and
in 1906 William Harvie Coxen.

2. Richard Coxen born in 1787
Like his brother William Magson Coxen, Richard had a large family of
at least nine children. His wife's name was Mary.
The children:
Richard Enos Coxen
Elizabeth Mary Coxen born in 1814
William Coxen born in 1816
Jane Coxen born in 1817
Charles Coxen 1821 to 1828
John Coxen born in 1824
Theodore Hunt Coxen born in 1826
Sarah Emma Caecilia Coxen born in 1829 (later married George Miller)
Joseph Coxen born in 1831 (died aged nine months)

Richard Enos Coxen married Mary Ann Snook and had several children, 
they moved to Battersea and one of his sons Charles Frank Coxen's
children are known to have moved to Portsmouth.
Another line of Richard Enos Coxen's family still with the Coxen name
still exists in South London in 1998.

William Coxen married Mary Ann Headington in 1840 and had at least
two sons William Joseph Coxen in 1841 and Richard Coxen in 1853.

John Coxen married Emma Hammerton in in 1847 and had at least two sons
Frederick George Coxen born in 1849 who married Sarah Woodger in 1877
and George Richard Coxen born in 1855 who married Ellen Green in 1881.
Several of George Richard Coxen's and Ellen Green's descendants are
known of in 1998 and one still retains the name Coxen.

Theodore Hunt Coxen had at least one son called Walter Henry Coxen who
married Jemima Strudwick in 1870.     

William Coxen

1809 to 1875, Landlord of the Green Man in the early 1870's

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