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The Harvie Family

The name Harvie seems to have ties with Scotland, however the oldest
records in this family come from North London and there may even be a 
connection with the Plymouth and Tavistock area.

In 1847 Anthony John Harvie married Jane Margaret Raven at Christ
Church, Hoxton, North London. Jane's father, John Stoddard Raven was a 
Grocer which also happened to be Anthony's trade. Anthony's own father
George Harvie was an office clerk.

In November of 1847 Anthony John Harvie and Jane Margaret Raven's son 
George John Harvie was born in Islington. It seems likely that George
John Harvie was an only child.

In 1872 George John Harvie married Mary Elizabeth Lock Sheppard in
Stepney, North London by which time he was a carpenter by trade.
They had the following children:
Edith May Harvie 1873 to c.1958 (married George Beech),
Catherine Jane Harvie 1875 to 1951 (married William Coxen),
Mary Maud Harvie 1877 to 1918,
George John Harvie born in 1879 (died as a baby),
Jane Margaret Harvie 1881 to c.1960,
George John Harvie 1884 to c.1960 (married Edith Clark),
Beatrice Elizabeth Harvie 1886 to 1974 (married Gaston Belan and 
                                     settled in France with him),
Horace Ernest Harvie born in 1889 (married Mary),
Clarence Stanley Harvie 1892 to 1918 (married Gertrude and settled in 
                                                       New Zealand),

Of these children Catherine Jane and William Coxen had two sons;
Cyril Coxen and in 1906 William Harvie Coxen.

George John Harvie and Edith Clark had one daughter named Hilda Harvie.

Horace Ernest Harvie and Mary had one son also called George John
Harvie, and one daughter named Molly Harvie. George John married
Winifred and had several children and several of which have children 
of their own still with the Harvie name.

George John Harvie

Born in 1847

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