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The Coxen Family that Originated From Portsmouth, England.

There are several Coxen families for which we know the history of before
1800, but at this stage can not connect them together. One such family came
from the Southampton and Portsmouth area of Hampshire in England. One of
the descendants from this family, Tamsin Coxen has done twenty years of
research into her Family's History and the name Coxen. Tamsin's e-mail
address can be found below if you wish to contact her directly.
Richard Coxen/Coxson was born in c.1775 in Southampton, he married Harriet
Heyes on the 10th April 1811 in Portsmouth. Richard and Harriet are known
to have had three sons; William Coxen christened on the 24th November 1811,
John Coxen christened on 20th June 1813, and James Coxen christened on the
19th July 1814 all in Portsmouth. Of James and John we know little of their
futures, or if they had families of their own. 

William Coxen married Ann Brown in 1835,  with whom he had the following
Elizabeth Coxen, born in 1837, 
William Henry Coxen, born in 1841,
Ann Coxen, born in 1843,
Emma Coxen, born in 1844,

William later married his second wife Hannah Hassall in 1847 and in 1848
they had a daughter called Hannah Harriet Coxen. William Coxen was a
cordwainer by trade and he died in 1887.

William Henry Coxen married Harriet Maria Rivett in 1866 and they had the
following children together:

1. William George Coxen born in 1868, married Nina and had two daughters.

2. Edward James Coxen born in 1871, married Georgina Young and had a son
called Albert Edward James Coxen in 1905, whom has several descendants 
with the name today.

3. Mary Ann Coxen born in 1873, married Alfred Robbins and had two children.

4. Harriet Maria Coxen born in 1875, married Ernest Herbert Burt and had a
son called Gilbert Edwin Burt in 1899.

5. Ellen Elizabeth Coxen born in 1876, married James Alfred Lazenbury and
had a son called Clifford Donald Lazenbury in 1901 and a daughter called
Doris Louisa.

6. Charles Edmund Coxen born in 1878, married Edith Dobinson and had two
sons William Henry Coxen in 1906 and Leonard Charles Coxen in 1909 
(Leonard died as a baby). Also one daughter Nora Edith Coxen in 1910. 

7. Herbert John Coxen born in 1880, married Ada May Peacock and had one
son Herbert John Coxen jnr. born in 1921, along with three daughters; 
Veronica Edith Coxen, Ada May Coxen, and Beth Laura Coxen. There are 
descendants from Herbert John jnr. with the name Coxen today (1998).

8. Laura Coxen born in 1881, married William Scott and went to live in
the U.S.A. They had no children.

9. Louisa Coxen born in 1890, married Harold Martin Boniwell and had two
sons and one daughter.

10. Leonard Charles Coxen born in 1892, died the same year.

The father William Henry Coxen was a mariner, firstly with the Royal Navy
where he rose steadily through the ranks to become a Captain. He left the
Navy in 1870 and became a Coastguard working in Swanage and later

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