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The Coxen Family that Originated From Ramsgate in Kent, England.

This Family of Coxen's produced several of the more prominent Coxen's
which are mentioned elsewhere in these pages. These include the biologist
Charles Coxen, his sister Elizabeth the wife of John Gould, and 
Major-General Walter Adams Coxen.
At this stage no connection has been has been established between this 
family and my own Coxen Family from Brentford, Middlesex. By the 1820's
these two Coxen Families would have lived only a few miles from one another
when some members of the Ramsgate Coxen's had moved to Croydon and the
majority of my own family had moved to Brentford's neighbour Twickenham.

The family had ties with St. Lawrence's Church, Ramsgate and much of the
following comes from the church's records:
In the 1720's and 30's Nicholas and Ann Coxen had the following children:
Mary Coxen, born 1726
Nicholas Coxen, born 1728
Jane Coxen, born 1730
Ann Coxen, born 1733
Ann Coxen, born 1735
Ebenezer Coxen, born 1736
Jane Coxen, born 1738
Francis Coxen, born 1742

Of these children we only have further information on Ebenezer who married
Anne Holmon on the 7th January 1763 at St. Lawrence.
Ebenezer and Anne had the following children:
Nicholas Coxen, born 1766
Henry Conyngham Coxen, born 1771
Ann Coxen, born 1773
Stephen Coxen, born 1776
Ebenezer Coxen, born 1780
Charles Coxen, born 1782

The parents Ebenezer and Anne were buried at St. Lawrence in 1821 and
1819 respectively.

Nicholas Coxen went on to marry Elizabeth Tompkins and they had the
following children all still in Ramsgate:
Henry Holmans Coxen, born 1797
John Coxen, born 1798 - died a child in 1800
Stephen Coxen, born 1798 (John's Twin) later married & emigrated to
               Australia in 1827,had two sons but neither of these left
               issue. Stephen died in 1844.
Ann Coxen, born 1802 - died a child in 1803
Elizabeth Coxen, born 1804 - went on to marry John Gould, she died in 1841.
Charles Coxen, born 1809 - The Biologist/Australian Politician, married
               Elizabeth Issac but had no children. He died in 1876.

Nicholas's younger brother Henry Conyngham Coxen moved to Croydon at
some stage. He married Elisa Anne Adams and they are known the have at
least two children both baptised at St. Mary's Church, Croydon:
Henry William Coxen, born 1823
Charles Coxen, born 1824 

There is a marriage entry for Henry Conyngham Coxen to Elizabeth Hollier
at St. Mary's, Newington in 1830. I believe this was a second marriage.
It is also thought that Henry was a Captain in the 14th Regiment of 
the army.

Henry William Coxen married Margaret Morehead in 1861 in Queensland, 
They later returned to England and started a family, living at Englefield
Green near Windsor.
Henry and Margaret had the following children:
Sarah Coxen, born ?
Henry Charles Coxen, born 1869
Walter Adams Coxen, born 1870 - The Major-General.
Arthur Edmund Coxen, born in 1873  -  we believe Arthur died as a child.
Ella Margaret Coxen, born in 1879

In 1880 Henry William Coxen returned to Australia with his family where
he remained till his death at the age of 92 in 1915.

Henry Charles Coxen has several descendants which still hold the Coxen
name in 1998. One of Henry Charles Coxen's Grandson's has supplied
information about his family. Also Tamsin Coxen (The Portsmouth Family)
has supplied information on both St. Lawrence Records plus all the
records that come from Croydon. Most of the information though has come
from another researcher connected to this Coxen Family called Jo Morris.
Jo's e-mail address can be found at the bottom of this page.

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