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The Whant Family

The earliest family record within this family with the spelling of
Whant is Edward Whant and Elizabeth Catchpole's marriage certificate
from the 23rd December 1859. The couple came from Oakley near to Eye
in Suffolk. Edward was a Blacksmith by trade.
Between 1860 and 1870 they had the following children:

Arthur Whant born 1860
Emma Elizabeth Whant born 1862
Frederick George Whant born in 1864
George Edward Whant born in 1865
Henry Whant born in 1868
William Whant born in 1870

It is thought that Edward was baptised in the town of Blo-Norton in
Norfolk on the 8th July 1832, at which point he was named 
Edward Roper Want.
Edward Roper Want was the son of Susan Want and the Grandson of 
Francis Want and his wife Mary (nee Hubbard). The 1881 census places
Edward Whant's place of birth as South Lopham, Norfolk, which is in
the same area as Blo-Norton. It also lists him as being 49 years old,
the correct age.

The children were all born in the town of Brome also near to Eye
in Suffolk. 

No more is known of the eldest son Arthur.

Emma Elizabeth married Henry Watling in 1887 in Brome

Frederick Edward Whant followed in his fathers footsteps and became a
blacksmith. He married Alice Rampling in 1891 and they had six
children together: Rowland Rampling Whant in 1892 (did not survive),
Margaret Abigail Whant in 1893, Clifford Jessie Rampling Whant in 1894
(did not survive), Edward Rampling Whant in 1896, Louis Rampling Whant
in 1898 and Alec Frederick Whant in 1899.
Descendant's of Louis Rampling Whant exist with the Whant name today
in England. Also descendants of Edward Rampling Whant carry the name
in Australia.

George Edward Whant became a coachman and moved to London. He married
Mary Ann Hopkins in 1894. The couple are known to have had three
children; Edward George Whant in 1895, Mabel Whant and Richard Francis
Edward George Whant has descendants living in Australia which still
carry the Whant name.

Henry Whant became a postman and married Mary Marshall in 1892 in
Brome. They had five children together before later moving to Ewelym
in Oxfordshire. The children were: Albert Whant in 1892, Rose Amelia
Whant in 1894, Percy William Whant in 1895, Edith Mary Whant in 1897
and Emily Elizabeth Whant in 1899.
Percy Whant went on to marry Alice Coughlan and were known to have
over seventy descendants by 1998, including members of the family as
far a field as Australia, the USA, Spain and still in the UK.

William Whant died before his first birthday in 1870.   

Percy William Whant

1895 to 1974

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